31 July 2009

Motor Tank Cake

Here's a Harley-Davidson Petrol Tank cake that we made for a client. This amazing 3D cake was for her husband's surprise birthday party! Just look at the wonderful resemblance of the cake to her husband's motorcycle tank! This is the right side with the birthday message. The flaming skull really looks similar to the one in the photo. This doesnt only look yummy, but surely tastes good as well.

Left side. This cake is made of buttercream and some fondant icing.

Photo of a Harley-Davidson petrol tank.

Our client left us with this wonderful comment. Thanks Ms Teresa!

"Thank you so much for the work you did on the cake, it was wonderful! You and your staff could not have done enough for us and I appreciated it so much, this helped make the cake perfect. My husband loved it and so with the guests."

These Harley Davidson logo cookies are a perfect pair to the petrol tank cake!