18 January 2010

Emirati Boy Cake

Look at this delightful topsy turvy cake we made for a client in Al Ain. Decorated with traditional Emirati theme; teapot and teacups, palm trees, camels, desert, mosque and a cute Emirati boy on top! The birthday boy was certainly proud of his birthday cake!

Our client left us this message:

Dear Sweet Lane,

Thanks millionz for the fabulous cake,, Everybody loved it and was amazed with theme. And the cake itself was delicious. And Sultan was craving to it the boy on the top of the cake,, he says that the boy is him.

And again thank you very much for making my boys Birthday cake as I as Great as I expected. Everybody in his school where like,, where did you get it!??? The flyers thing was a great idea, so whenever they asked I just gave them one.

Madam Fatima